First Class Students

First Class Students

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Private Tutoring

– We offer tutoring in social science subjects such as economics and politics
– We also offer language tutoring in German, English and Spanish

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Translation Services

We offer translations into English or German by native professionals. We can handle complex business language and can optimize your text for SEO.

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Academic Help for UK University Students

I teach the methods that helped me achieve 1st Class Honours in three books.

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P.S. If you are sitting an essay-based exam, the books below will show you how to ace that exam.
Ignore the advice in these books at your own risk!

Qualitative Subjects

The Anatomy of a 1st Class Essay

1st Class Recall

Exam Technique Mastery

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Quantitave Subjects

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Learn a systematic approach to Quant courses – no matter if it’s Econ, Accounting or Maths, applying this system will boost your grades!


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Although perhaps counter-intuitive, 70+/100 marks is considered excellent, i.e. ‘1st Class’.

Example: 67/100 might seem like a poor grade in, say, the American system, yet it is in fact a very high grade in the UK.

Video From The Graduation Ceremony

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